Sikku Kolam – 37

19 Pulli sikku kolam
Big Sikku Kolam

As I got bored using chalk piece to draw kolams, I mined into the store room to search the kolapowder carton box.
And successfully pulled my treasure out and tried this 19 dot kolam with my precious Nylon podi on my dining table. The first problem I had was to squeeze the dots within the small area, next using kolapodi, (which a friend of mine gave me, when we met for the first time, So sweet of her 🙂 , promptly packed the container to Singapore) the powder has the texture of fine salt, took time to settle down with the new medium.
After all starting troubles, I managed to finish off this kolam with some extensions as a final touch.

Dot Count : 19-17×2-13×2-9×2-5×2-1 on either side.

19 Pulli sikku kolam
Big Sikku Kolam



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