Sikku Kolam – 158- 17 Dots Kolam


A 17 dots sikku kolam which was done last September. Somehow it had gone unknown 🙂
Finally got on to the display. Actually the version which I have drawn differs with the computer print. Hope the difference is prominent in the display. The single strand at the bottom…. the left side strand which loops in and out and finally joins with the single loop/bulb shape at the bottom, got it!!! Yes I felt the mirror symmetry was out of focus and only rotational symmetry gets into the position, so changed the strand’s path as seen on the right side.
1. The dot pattern. Its 17 dots on the centre column with decreasing pattern on sides till the dot count reaches to 1.
2. The development of the single strands. It’s the same strand duplicated on other sides. In the drawn version the four designs on the corners are interconnected, have a closer view for a better understanding about what I have mentioned here.
4. The heart shape, the flower and the centre petals add up to form this design.
5. The final Display.


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