Sikku Kolam-155

green colou. sikku, chikku, tippudu muggulu, rangavalli

A sikku kolam with 15 dots. A simple kolam with a single line connecting the four sides on the outer layer while the centre gets filled with a common 7 dots kolam. The extra dots are connected with a chain strands to complete the design.
I have extended the kolam with a border with 4 dots square sikku kolam. I have used green colour to shade the kolam.
The dot pattern is given below.
1. Start with the bottom most dot to draw and keep that point as the reference point. This kolam starts by forming a bulb shape with loop forming a knot at the sides and repeats the same on other direction too.
2. Repeat the same design on other sides too. The design is formed by a single line running to all corners of the kolam.
3.Now the inner part, Form the bulb shapes as shown. These elements are fitted into dots and four such shapes comprise the centre design in match to the outer design.
4. The centre design with the left over dots which are connected with chain strand.
5.The completed version of the kolam.
green colou. sikku, chikku, tippudu muggulu, rangavalli


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