Sikku Kolam -153


41 Dots Sikku Kolam, Indeed a gargantuan to me. I wanted to add “My Sikku kolam version” tag with bigger dot count and twisted my fingers to create tangles out my imagination. I created this kolam in my freetime, not sure about how much time altogether I took to complete, should be not more than 3 hours. After completion it took nearly 2 months to post this kolam, I was just thinking about how to draw it 😀 >( so here comes the clause If and But 🙂 )<   Right now it is highly impossible to carry out on floor as I have only 2’x2′ space and squeezing 30 dots is the maximum I can try, 41 dots???!!! I know that I am the person with the clause >the ifs and buts< , so carried out a computer version and still I have put a comma not a period to the floor kolam, So hopefully I will try on floor in near future 🙂

1. The grid pattern is given below. Place 41 dots in the centre column and reduce to 1 on either sides.
muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli

2. The first strand of the kolam. I always start with the bottom most dot (0,0) and keep as the reference point for drawing kolams. Draw this strand and this replicate this line on all sides.
margazhi, margali,big kolam

3. Now the second line, I have added the line on sides as to give a clear picture of the kolam. Add this strand on other sides.

4. The outer strand, highlighted in green colour. This is outer most strand in the kolam which connects the outer dots.

5. The fourth strand is highlighted in blue. A small strand connecting the inner part of the kolam.
6.The inclusion of a red square strand with four loops on sides. Next to it are the squares in purple colour. These are single strands connecting the left over dots.
7. Now the middle strand.
8. Zoomed in 🙂
9. The centre strands in a closer view.

This is how a monochrome version looks like, Just like an Idiyaapam strings(noodles)


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