Sikku Kolam -152


Another kolam in 23 dots and “My Own Sikku Creations”
A simple kolam with less tangles makes this easy to draw. Track the sikku strand at the bottom most dot of the kolam and trace it along its way. The sikku kolam follows rigid symmetry and easy to draw too 🙂
This particular kolam is an extension of 5 dots kolams as I always do, First I place the basic sikku kolam at the bottom of the kolam and doodle around the dots to form a design around. I like the colour used, the Aquamarine green as per Asian Paints, colour code card 🙂 This colour reminds me of my good old days, where this was painted in my room when I was in my primary school then. A cool and serene colour 🙂
In this kolam, few dots were left out at the outer and I tried to make use of it by connecting the outer extensions
to the dots.
Below, is the dot pattern for the kolam. Download the image for practice.
pulli kolam, nelli kolam, kambi kolam



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