Sikku Kolam -144

muggulu, tippud, chikku kolam,

A 13 dots sikku kolam. The sikku kolams are in sequence, as I missed to upload the sikku kolams according to the number sequence 🙂 Hopefully I will set it soon 🙂
This kolam was done in this March, as I remember this kolam for the fresh stock of kolapodi I had brought from home. I wanted to get to know the texture of the new powder and drew this kolam. Usually kolapowder shouldn’t be too fine nor too grainy. It was fine, still needed to sieve once for the soft powder to get settle down on the wooden base without bobbing. The spill will make the lines uneven. I didn’t add rice flour to the kolapodi and drew directly on the base.

Below is the grid pattern for this kolam. Its 13 to 1 dot pattern. After drawing the kolam, I couldn’t resist myself from drawing extra elements around. I drew some sikku strands to match the main coloum sikku chain and added a 3 dots kolam as seen in the middle of the kolam on the outer. I loved the outer extensions the way it had rounded up.


muggulu, tippud, chikku kolam,


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