Sikku Kolam-143


A 11 dots sikku kolam. A common sikku kolam which has three lines running through the dots. An easy kolam for beginners to try. If you have time and space constraint, then a good kolam to draw at the doorstep. No confusing line or tangles. I have given step by step making of this kolam, which will easy to follow.
1. The dot pattern. Place 11 dots in the centre column and reduce to 1 dot by leaving the dots at the top and bottom.
2. Connect the outer most dots with a loop and extend the line to the next corner dot by a straight line. Then, form loops around the straight line which connects the outer sikku strand.
Next, connect the third dot from the bottom most dot, to form a concentric design as the one on the outer line.
3. Now draw two lines and form a curvy line to connect those two lines, this sikku strand gets duplicated on another side and altogether there will 2 such strands in the centre layer.
4. Now duplicate the above strand and now connect the inner dots by an line enclosure and joining with the next loop as shown in the image.
5. The completed version.


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