Sikku Kolam – 141

tippudu muggulu, rangavallika, rangoli, pulli kolam
Pinky :-)

“Bhogi day wishes :-)”
The Harvest festival Pongal is celebrated in Tamilnadu and the celebration starts on Bhogi. Bhogi, marks the start of Pongal. The cleansing process starts with Bhogi. The Old things at home are cleaned and usually disposed in fire, depicting for a new start.

And that was the concept, but now the whole concept has changed and burning has become a ceremony by burning tyres and plastics, creating a chaos on the road.

When I was new to Chennai, on Bhogi I was surprised to see a scenario which looked alike to Coimbatore outskirt climate, where fog was a part of a day. All of a sudden the misty clouds erases everything from sight, the vehicles with neon head lights trying to find the path. I enjoyed that climate, we were staying in the outskirts, it was a near a mountain pass.

tippudu muggulu, rangavallika, rangoli, pulli kolam
Pinky 🙂


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