Sikku Kolam – 137

tippudu muggulu, rangavalli , rangoli, chikku pulli kolam
Purples :-)

23 Dots Sikku kolam in my “My own Creations”
When I decided about the trip to my parents home, the next moment I was ready with a new mind setup 🙂 to draw outdoor kolams. And I was much excited about Margazhi and planned to draw big kolams and flipped through my note book.. But the plan never reaches its final destination, that’s the reason I never plan 🙂 Rain started right from the day I stepped into the house.

It started with drizzle and picked up the momentum for the heaviest down pour of the decade. The next day I managed to draw a freehand kolam as a practice session. That’s it, it took 10 long days for the sun to peep out. And in meanwhile, I was trying to copy down some small sikku kolams from my Mother’s collection. Then a thought ran why not to extend a small kolam into a bigger version. And that spark made to create 13 sikku kolams with 23 dot count. Some how I managed to draw 10 and 3 still in the paper version, need to execute… Hopefully will try to create in the coming week.

This kolam has a different dot pattern. The dots are placed in straight pattern except the decrement of the dots differ from a normal pattern .

tippudu muggulu, rangavalli , rangoli, chikku pulli kolam
Purples 🙂


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