Sikku Kolam – 136

muggulu rangavalli, rangoli, chikku kolam
Blue and yellow :-)

This kolam was created with 5 dots sikku kolam as the base design. This is how I created this kolam.
Hope many would have drawn this simple 5 dots sikku kolam as these were the starters of kolam drawing journey 🙂
After drawing this kolam I thought of not colouring this kolam…But it looked dull with a light background and was forced to add minimal colours. I wanted to use different colour combo and took yellow and blue.

I am not sure whether I have used these two colours in my kolam.. I don’t plan much about the colour combination. It depends upon my mood at the time of execution 🙂

Another week for Pongal, the harvest festival of Tamilnadu. The end of month Margazhi and start of Thai, which is auspicious in Tamil calender. Pongal is celebrated for three days starting from the last of Margazhi. At the same time Andhra celebrates Sangranthi. Sangranthi always brings my childhood memories and I love to cherish those days. We used to fly kites and my neighbour aunty prepares a lavish lunch and I loved her cooking.. When met after 23 years I asked her to prepare pappu saaru for me, my favourite lentil soup…

muggulu rangavalli, rangoli, chikku kolam
Blue and yellow 🙂


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