Sikku kolam – 135

tippudu muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli, pulli kolangal
Lotus fowers :-)

A 23 dots kolam.
This 5 dots kolam is also my own creation as I used to draw only 5 dots kolam at the main entrance while I was residing in Chennai. And the boring meetings at office was the only source of time to explore my imagination 🙂 And with a fixed dot count I used to scribble in my pad. This story is 10 years old 😀

I enjoyed to draw sikku kolams as always. I don’t participate in office’s kolam drawing task as everyone plan for a colour kolam that too a dotted line kolam which I don’t prefer much inturn I become a spectator. That’s also an interesting task for me as I love to observe people :-D, that’s a part of my life 😀

This kolam has a 5 dots as the base design where the kolam has been built on. While creating this kolam I drew the base sikku on four sides. I stacked up the small kolams, the base design, then a mat design and replicated the base design on the top beneath the centre point. And added some sikku strands on sides.I finished the kolam by drawing matching borders and colours. I have used green and pink colours for enhancement purpose

tippudu muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli, pulli kolangal
Lotus fowers 🙂


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