Sikku kolam – 132

tippudu muggulu, chikki, rangavalli
Kolam with flowers :-)

The second kolam for the season and My Own Creation series.
For any creation I take a design as a base to start with. The same applies here too. I have taken 5 dots sikku kolam as the base and fitted into 23 dots by filling the dots with sikku strand in my style.

Actually I was looking for colour powder vendor in the morning hours for a colour hunt.. But nit even a trace of them. Usually vendors fill their mini van with colour powder packed in small packets sold at a rate of Rs.10 each and some special colours for Rs.15. The 15 Rupees colour gets the hike because of the base material, they mix with white kolapodi, unlike the fine “savudu manal” or the silt which is cheap than the white powder.

The surrounding villages around Pondicherry and Dindivanam cater the ready to mix powders to the areas of Chennai, Cuddalore, Pondicherry and Dindivanam.. This is done as a seasonal business between December and January where the Tamil month Margazhi falls in. Upto the festival Pongal colour powders are sold in streets especially during the morning hours.
This year because of the heavy monsoon rains which deceased just before the start of Margazhi has hampered the supplynof colours. Hopefully I make some ourchase befire I start to my base.

tippudu muggulu, chikki, rangavalli
Kolam with flowers 🙂


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