Sikku Kolam -130

tippudu muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli
Sikku kolam

A 17 dots sikku kolam.
This may look bit complicated but an easy kolam to draw. Once you get to know the path of the strand passing between the dots its very easy to draw a sikku kolam. As I had said earlier, its advisable to hold on the coordinates which is an easy task to remember. A tutorial for an easy approach to draw sikku kolams irrespective of the number of dots and pattern in the link for a better understading.

Once you get to know the pattern of the strands interlacing in between the dots you can make a hassle free ride.
Its how you fix the base point and move on with the coordinates as the reference.
The above method is my way of executing sikku kolams.

This Margazhi I will uploading mostly sikku kolams for the season along with freeand kolams. I am just waiting for the season to kick off as the fresh stock of ready to use rangoli colours will be available in the streets by the vendors selling in mini trucks. Mainly the colours supplied in Pondicherry are produced in Dindivanam, a nearby town should be hardly 40kms away and heard these colours are being sold in Chennai too..

tippudu muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli
Sikku kolam


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