Sikku Kolam – 113

Muggulu, rangoli, rangavalli
Squares :-)

I did this kolam at my parents home, Hope the floor reveals the secret of the location 🙂 I love to do outdoor kolams. I am more comfortable drawing on a bigger area as I can keep on extending my kolam without any restrictions. I need space around to maneuver while drawing the kolam 😀 This kolam is a simple and easy to draw, without much tangles 🙂

It has basic 4 numbers of 5×5 dots kolams,enclosed by additional sikku strands. I didn’t struggle much to keep the design in my memory as it was an easy task for me to draw the sikku kolams with many individual strands.
In fact I haven’t rehearsed on a paper 🙂 Just saw the kolam before drawing the kolam on floor, to confess took a quick glance after placing the dots…

I woke up late that morning as we all went to Chinna Veerampatinam Beach the previous evening and returned home exhausted. My little one enjoyed a lot with her cousins, Dharan and Dhanush.. The beach granule was so fine and the texture tempted me to pack. Immediately I was looking for a plastic cover to collect some of the beach granules. My Mother who was looking me with a curious smile on her face, gave me the cover. My Mother helped to collected the beach granule .The picture is attached in this post 🙂 Not much, just few handfuls 😀 My Dad took over the logistic part 😀
I haven’t done with that beach granule, hopefully will try to do something in my next visit. I have packed all my rangoli colours along with the beach granule in a carton box, as I shouldn’t rely on my Dad’s memory in my next visit 🙂 All safe and Placed in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. 😀

This kolam has 19 dots placed in 3 columns and reduced to 3 dots on either side of the main column. Its a single strand which connects the four corners forming a chain design in the centre columns. Then the 5×5 dots kolam on sides. I didn’t think much for the enhancing part. So I drew a single line border with a tear drop motifs above to the minaret shapes. I have used green and yellow to beautify the kolam.

Muggulu, rangoli, rangavalli
Squares 🙂


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