Sikku Kolam -112

Pulli kolam. mugguli, rangoli, pulli kolangal
Sikku with flowers

Today is the last friday of Aadi Maasam(month) and its most auspicious as its a new moon day this year.
Aadi Amavasai, a day sacred to obsequies for the manes. On this day, prayers and offerings are made on the river banks to the forefathers.

In Pondicherry the last Friday of Aadi maasam is a local holiday as it’s the famous Veerapatinam Car festival is celebrated with pomp and devotees from near by come to seek the blessing of the Sri Sengazhuneer Amman .
The second week of August has three holidays at a stretch, the Independence day of Indian, the next day 16th, Independence day of Pondicherry and Veraampatinam Car Festival.

Pulli kolam. mugguli, rangoli, pulli kolangal
Sikku with flowers

This is my own creation, a fusion kolam 🙂 Basically, this is a 11 dots kolam, But I have added extra dots for the outer sikku strand. To start with, I drew the flowers on the four sides and one in the centre. To connect the flowers I drew a sikku strand and a small flower with the leftover dots. After completing the kolam, I was thinking to add a border, but went ahead adding dots for sikku strand.
The colouring part, I have used dark light shades of a colour in the flower.

tippudu muggulu, rangavalli
Step by Step


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