Sikku Kolam – 111

tippudu muggulu, rangoli, rangavallika
Big :-)

Sikku kolam done during the recent vacation at parents home 🙂
Every time I do take a resolution of rehearsing properly before drawing a kolam on floor, but I don’t have that much patience to practice to place the dots. Placing of dots is the most boring part for me 🙂
If the kolam is really a gargantuan to me at the max, I can redraw it for two times on paper. If not the first trial is the one and only revision for the final version on the floor ;-D

This kolam is an extension of 7 dots kolam.
This was done on a Friday, so wanted to add yellow and red in the kolam. The borders are from my memory bank 🙂
During my childhood days my neighbour aunty Mrs. Shantamma Balaiyaa in Bolarum, Secunderabad, used to draw these type of borders around her mat muggulus. This design has etched deep in my memory bank that popped when I used the yellow and red, as her kolams were always decorated with these two auspicious colours.Her kolams were always adorned with vermilion and turmeric at the centre. The previous day we were chatting with her and that kindled my memories 🙂

After completing the kolam, I had no clue how to decorate except the colours were in mind. I took the minaret shapes as the theme and decorated around the kolam. This kolam took an hour from start to finish.

The step by step procedure is on the way 🙂 Will upload as soon as possible.

tippudu muggulu, rangoli, rangavallika
Big 🙂

As promised, I have attached a paper version of step by step procedure of the above sikku kolam. This kolam has a single strand running through the dots forming the design. Start the kolam from the bottom dot (0,0) .
Draw the kolam as shown.

dots, kolangal, muggulu


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