Sikku Kolam – 109

tippudu muggulu, chikku, rangavallika
Welcome :-)

“Welcome My Friend”
A very special day to me. A friend with whom I got acquainted online came all the way to my hometown from Chennai with a mission that’s ” to meet Vinns”. I was so excited to meet her though we had chatted online and meeting in person had a different feelings which can’t be put into words. A very talented lass where show off isn’t on her list 😀

I drew this kolam as a red carpet to welcome her. I wanted to impress her by drawing a sikku kolam.. 😀 She was impressed (I hope so) , that’s what I told her to comment about this impressive kolam 🙂

It was a couple of hours stay and I was more selfish in using the time efficiently 😀
I requested (requested – really or ordered) her to draw Sanskar Bharathi kolam and I had an opportunity to document it. She draws with such an ease, the rangoli powder slips so casually from her fingers. An awful sight to see her drawing kolams. Indeed a Dumb struck moment :-). I will upload the videos later which includes the “Step by step procedure of how to draw Double strokes, Broad strokes, dotted lines”, the list goes on….
She had drawn a paisley kolam on the spot which was flawless. Her kolams are on the way to be published 🙂
Mesmerising creations 🙂 I always admire her broad stroke kolams…

This kolam is an extension of 11 dots kolam from my Mother’s note book… The bottom is the basic design of the kolam and I have extended with few additions of sikku strands here and there to connect the dots. I have used pink and purple colours just not to hear the friend’s advice – No to purple colours 🙂
I will upload the procedure at the earliest 🙂

tippudu muggulu, chikku, rangavallika
Welcome 🙂


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