Sikku Kolam – 107

chukkala muggulu, rangoli, rangavalli
Sikku in Blue :-)

Enjoying my little one’s school vacation at my Parent’s home.. One month full of joy and being pampered by parents even at our older age is a pleasurable feeling which can be only be felt. I have taken up many roles in my life, but being a daughter is the most cosiest role… No need to worry about anything, I am always treated like a kid as everything is taken care, even my little one too 🙂

No need to enter the kitchen everything is served at the table 😊 “Food served with love” I am worried as I know about my mom she will never get satisfied till the weighing machine confesses that I have gained extra kilograms… the extra kilograms in turn fall in love which never ever try to break up with me.. 😆

As my native “Pondicherry” is located on the shore of Bay of bengal, sea food is the staple of the town. I am enjoying the food and the special dishes prepared by my mother.. Fresh Sea food is always available daily in the market except during the ban imposed in the breeding season… My mom is the best cook and I learnt cooking from her. Some dishes are unique to my family which I haven’t found in other’s kitchen…. I am in the process of documenting the recipes 😊

The lights are on as early at 5.30am and the day starts for me by drawing kolams at the entrance. … The soothing morning breeze, the chirping of birds, the sound of cooking – pressure cooker whistle…. I am enjoying every bit of my stay..

Today I drew a sikku kolam, big one indeed 😊with borders around.. I will try to upload the step by step procedure in near future..
Dot count : 23 Dots.

chukkala muggulu, rangoli, rangavalli
Sikku in Blue 🙂


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