Sikku Kolam – 105

muggulu, rangavalli, rangavallika, tippudu

I haven’t tried a circle type sikku kolam and started to draw a small circular sikku, as usual without any preparations done beforehand 😀 . Not a doubt, the first attempt was a total flop 😉 . It was high time for me to pre-plan before starting a new creation. With the new resolution taken, I drew a rough sketch on a paper, though the paper and final version on floor were totally different except the centre flower design.

With great confidence, I started with a flower design and moved on drawing the sikku strands. The second layer design turned out to a different what I had in mind at the start. And I thought of drawing a freehand extensions on the last circle.. In my case, planning never reaches the final destination with the same determination 🙂 At the spur of moment the total design got altered and this is the final outcome. Hope it looks good 🙂

muggulu, rangavalli, rangavallika, tippudu

In the picture no.1, I drew three concentric circles with a chalk and string. You can find many videos showing the method of drawing circles for rangoli, I have an idea of uploading a video of drawing a circle with chalk. Hope someone volunteers me to document my works 🙂

Next draw a flower with eight petals, petals of any shape.. Then place dots along the edges of the petals to to the last circle. Placing and spacing of dots can be decided according to the space and creator’s wish. Now start a sikku strand right from the edge of the petal and extend around the dots forming a rectangular shape adjacent to the petal and then to the outer layer.

After drawing the kolam, I felt there was a gap in the outer layer and added a paisley again a vacuum seen through my eyes at the same place, so placed paisleys there too 🙂

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