Margazhi Kolam, 25 Dots Sikku kolam


25 dots kolam for this Margazhi season. This gets tagged into my own sikku kolam collection. Creating sikku kolams give an immense pleasure to me, leaving behind all my worries 🙂
I have added step by step images for an easy understanding.
1. The dot pattern – 25 dots in the centre grid and decreased one dot on top and bottom int the adjacent columns till the dot reaches to 1. The first strand at the bottom is shown in the below image.

2. The strand is a mirror image of the left hand side strand.

3. Now copy the strands on all four sides, finally these form a single line. Now the centre strand. A part of the strand is shown.

4. There are 4 ines at the middle and I have differentiated by addition of different colour strands.

5. The design gets completed by addition of four shaped strands.


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