Lakshmi Kataksham Kolam || Laxmi Pooja Rangoli || Sree Devi Muggulu || Friday kolam


Lakshmi Kataksham Kolam || Laxmi Pooja Rangoli || Sree Devi Muggulu

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Lakshmi Kataksham Kolam is drawn for Goddess Lakshmi to
offer our prayers and get her blessings for prosperity, victory and longevity. This is a pooja room kolam and must be drawn only in Pooja room.

This kolam should be drawn with rice flour only.

To prepare rice flour, take raw rice. Wash and soak in water for an hour. Then drain the water and spread it on a cloth to remove extra moisture. After a while transfer to a mixie jar and grind. Now sieve the flour with a rava filter. Sun dry the flour and store in an airtight container for future use.

First draw two sets of lines and leave some space. Draw two sets of parallel lines again.

Draw cross lines as above. The centre frame is formed now. Now the edges should be joined with the other edges.


Join the four ends as shown.

Now the centre part is connected with the opposite side.

Complete drawing the lines as shown.


Fill the boxes with turmeric and place kumkum at the centre. On to the above write AUM.

Add SHRI as shown.

After drawing this kolam chant the below slokam



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