Kolam – Pinwheel Design

muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli, white kolams
Pinwheel :-)

Some designs do tempt me to take an attempt to go ahead with the floor version, this kolam gets into that category. I saw this design online drawn in Mylapore Kolam Contest 2009 and always wanted to draw, though a common kolam, most of us should have drawn when we were amateurs 🙂 I did draw in my younger days, but later after getting entrapped to sikku kolam, seldom I drew line kolams.

Below is the dot grid pattern for the kolam, You may download and print to practice the kolam.


For an easy understanding, Divide the dots into 3 parts as the kolam has 3 pinwheel design in a column. So each design has 7 dots. From the bottom dot, keep that point as (0,0) for reference. Now to specify the centre dot of the pinwheel design, place extra kolapodi on (0,4) so that the centre point is visible. That’s the centre point for the pinwheel design and draw the pinwheel design. To make it easy let me give the coordinates for one wheel design. The flow of the line is as follows (0,5), (1,6), (2,5), (1,5), (0,4). Keep the bottom most dot as the centre of the quadrant and fix the coordinates for the wheel design, that will be easy to trace the design. Finish the design. Repeat the design as there altogether of 5 in the kolam.


Now the remaining dots has to be fixed into the kolam by drawing bud designs around. That will be easy to draw.
Colour the design according to your choice or just shade it as I have done, It all depends on individual’s choice.
Above is the sketch of the kolam. Hope this gives a clear picture of the kolam.

muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli, white kolams
Pinwheel 🙂


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