Karthigai Deepam Kolam -1

muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli, dot kolam
Deepangal :-)

A small deepa kolam to start the celebration of Kaarthigai Deepam which falls on the 25th of October this year. Lights are lit from the start of the month. Usually earthen lamps are placed on the entrance or on the frames of the door. The Kaarthigai deepam is celebrated on the Full Monon day of Kaarthigai month.
The month is devoted to Lord Muruga, believed to be born on the Kaarthigai Deepam and his father, Lord Shiva is worshiped as fire at Thiruvannamalai, known as Annamalaiyaar Deepam celebrated on the very same day. .
In school days and hostel stay, a friend of mine was from Thiruvannamalai. One year she couldn’t visit her home town and she was nearly in tears, but she did all poojas in the room wearing a new dress for the occasion. I have heard about the celebrations held at Thiruvannamalai through her, But still couldn’t visit the place. Its in my bucket list.

I drew a small diya kolam with 9×9 grid pattern. I liked the design and tried to create. But didn’t add colours, as I wasn’t confident of adding colours. The white looks serene and charming. At times, addition of colours mess up and wasn’t taking the risk then. Though its a small kolam, should have added colours.

muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli, dot kolam
Deepangal 🙂


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