Karthigai Deepa Kolam, Sikku Kolam – 166

big kolam, pulli kolam

ThiruKaarthigai Deepam Wishes

A 31 dots sikku kolam enhanced with colours and diyas. The 10 day long celebration concludes with the Maha Deepam lit at Thiruvannamalai depicting the supremacy of Lord Shiva. At Thiruvannamalai, devotees across Tamilnadu make their journey to this holy place to seek the blessings of the God.
After sunsets, agal vilakkugal, the earthen lamps are lit around the houses and vilakkugal are placed on kolams, as a part of the festival of lights celebration.
For this day I drew 31 dots sikku kolam. A sikku kolam out of my imagination, a sort of doodle around the dots with symmetry. I love to create sikku kolams and enjoy to create.
I enjoy to create sikku kolams, as they start off with lines wandering around the lines, just like my thoughts which has no limitation for imagination, wanders, strolls, dawdles later ambles finally reaches to the state of tranquility, so as the sikku strands.

The strands may be confusing, here is the step by step images for an easy perception.
1. The dot pattern

2. The first strand which connects the four corners with a simple design on edges.

3. The single loop on top of the design.

4. The third strand which more or less shadows the first strand.

5. The next layer on the top

6. The centre strand

7. The centre has two strands which is a mirror image of the other.

8. The final output


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