Kaarthigai Deepa Special Kolam- 5

tippudu muggulu, rangavalli, chikku kolam
Kaarthigai Special

This is 15 dots kolams which I have added sikku strands to give a lamp effect by shading the loop with flame colours. I have used pink and purple shades for enhancement purpose. This counts to be a 131 number in sikku kolam collection, but tagged for kaarthigai deepa special. This is a simple sikku kolam and any type of extensions can be drawn for extension, either a freehand or flowery pattern..

Lamps are lit in the evening during the month of Kaarthigai at the frontyard and kolams are made on the entrances where earthen lamps are placed to give a divine feel. In my childhood days, I still remember the effect created by the earthen lights which were lit on the entrances and the whole street looks like the stars twinkling at the doorstep. It was a great sight to relish.
The main job for the kids was to refill the lamps with oil, normally we use only Sesame Oil for lighting lights. It was a great assignment to the kids to do the job without getting bored, in fact a gratified job 🙂
Placement of earthen lamps do have a special count, On the day of Thirukaarthigai, 108 lamps are lit and placed on the kolams.

tippudu muggulu, rangavalli,  chikku kolam
Kaarthigai Special


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