Flower Kolam-15

Muggulu, small kolam, simple, rangavalli
Flowers :-)

It’s been a long time since I drew a flower kolam. Now a days I am more engrossed into sikku kolams. I hope that’s too easy for me to execute without much hiccups even without any preparations. Though line kolam doesn’t need to be rehearsed a lot as a single design is repeated on all four sides and in centre, and a different in the sides. Sikku kolam is my comfort zone 🙂 I don’t practice, plan, decide before executing. When I have time to draw kolam, I take out my notebook and turn pages and choose a kolam. I just glance the line running all around the dots and proceed on floor. Oops, I should have shared this in sikku kolam post 🙂

I didn’t have time to draw a big kolam, so restricted to 9 dots. A simple kolam with flower and buds. The centre design got changed to the original version. That was a result of my quick glimpse of the kolam in notebook. I didn’t take extra care in adding extensions for enhancement. Hope this simple version looks good 😉

Muggulu, small kolam, simple, rangavalli
Flowers 🙂

This is the layout for the 9-1 dot placed in a straight pattern. I forgot to take the step by step photos for this kolam. Hopefully I plot it on paper and upload it soon 🙂

9 Dot


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