I am Vinns, the person behind this site. I am basically an engineer and drawing lines is a part of my profession. Designs and patterns are part of my life and I love to embrace them in day to day life. Living in abroad hasn’t suppressed my passion towards the Indian Art of Drawing and still I manage to slice out my time for drawing kolams.
I love to draw kolams. A small intention to exhibit one of the richest traditions of India to the world by sharing my kolams with this site.

Drawing kolam is a meditation to me, where all the negative thoughts spinning around are hurled away by this beautiful mantra. Concentration and coordination gel together to create a lively art called kolam.
Drawing kolams is a part of a women’s life in India, its being inherited by generations from mother to daughter. As an Indian, I draw kolams and follow the tradition taught from elders.

I started to draw kolams at the age of eight only during my school vacation, when we traveled to my grandma’s home. My inspiration is my Mother, who used to draw huge kolams. I love her sikku kolams, I was smitten by her sikku kolams. That made me to draw sikku kolams in good numbers. Though my mother drew line kolams, but I was much comfortable with the sikku kolams. And after my high school hostel life, back to home and I made it a routine to draw kolams at the doorstep. Usually it was 11 dots sikku kolams recreated from my Mother’s kolam note book.

This site has Collection of kolams done by me on different days and occasions. I love to draw kolams and my passion too. I have used different mediums to draw kolams right from kola powder to vegetables 🙂

As I receive requests for the dot and design template from viewers, I have added a new page for tutorials, where step by step procedure is given for drawing a kolam, furthermore the dot patterns and procedure can be seen in each post.

I have spent hours right from designing and drawing kolams, so Please be considerate to give credits while reproducing my works. If you wish to upload your creations in my website, Do send your photos to admin@vinns.in or vinnskolam@gmail.com or Facebook page

I am in the process of compiling my work into printed version, If anyone interested to publish, You may contact me for further details.

Hope you enjoy the stay on my website and do visit again.