Circle Kolam

rangoli, muggulu
Step by step

Materials needed : A chalkpiece, string, rangoli powders and sieve or tea strainer.

To draw a circle kolam/rangoli , first a outline has to be drawn. A chalkpiece, string is needed to draw a circle.
The same procedure as we did in our geometry class with compass and pencil. Tie the chalkpiece with a string and mark a point for centre. Place one end on the centre and with chalkpiece on the end draw around the centre to form a circle. Now alter the radius and draw concentric circles as per the design.

After outlining the template, fill the circles with colours. Use a sieve or tea strainer to fill the colours for uniform spreading. After spreading now its time to draw your design on it for the final display. You can draw dotted or freestyle type rangoli..

rangoli, muggulu
Step by step

Add designs either dotted or dot less on the outer layer as you wish 🙂

muggulu, rangavalli, rangavallika
Colours 🙂


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