Line Kolam

9 Dots Kolam, Chukkala Muggulu, Dots Rangoli

9×9 Dots Simple Flower Kolam || Rose Mellika Muggulu || Small Dots Rangoli...

  YOUTUBE LINK  : A flower kolam with 9x9 dots. for video click the above link 9 Dots Kolam, Chukkala Muggulu, Dots Rangoli
simple kolam, muggulu, mellika muggulu

Simple 9 dots Flower kolam || Melika Puspa muguulu || Rangoli

A simple 9 dots design kolam which can be made extravagant by adding colours. I have used only white. The link of this kolam...
small kolam, sikku kolam, chikku kolam, kolam

8 dots Swasthik Kolam || Celtic Knot Muggulu || Colour Rangoli

A 8 dots simple Celtic knotted sikku kolam. The video of this kolam can be viewed  in the this link
swathika kolam, swasthik, small kolams, daily kolams

6 dots Swasthik Kolam || 6×6 Swasthika Muggulu || Rangoli

  Click this link for video of this kolam Swastik – A sacred symbol if Hindusium, which has four arms directed towards Clockwise direction....
margazhi kolam, big kolam, dot kolam, flower kolam

17 dots Big Lotus Kolam || Chukkala Kamalaṁ Muggulu || Margazhi Kolam

An unique lotus flower kolam with 17-9 dots placed with interlaced dot pattern. This kolam can be drawn during Margazhi season with bright colours...
line kolam, pulli kolangal, simple kolam, dot kolam

11 dots Simple Kolam || Mellika Muggulu || Simple design Rangoli

A simple kolam with 11 dots. The video for this kolam is given in the below link. LINK FOR THE VIDEO is a 11-1 dots...

Tulasi Brindhavan, Tulsi Vrindhavan

Tulsi(sacred Basil)  is considered as sacred plants in Hinduisium and made offering to Lord Vishnu. Tulasi is believed as earthly manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi....

8 Dots Swasthik Kolam, Swasthika Muggulu, Rangoli

A 8x8 dot Swasthik kolam. A simple kolam which can be done in a jiffy and can be enhanced by addition of colours. The...
hearts, muggulu,

Hearts Kolam, Purple Muggulu, 19 dots

A 19 dots kolam with heart shapes. I have used purple shades to colour this kolam. You can try for Margazhi season

15 Dots Flower and Heart Kolam

A 15x15 dots kolam with hearts. I made modifications to an old kolam in my collection. This kolam can be drawn with colours as per...