Line Kolam

Star Kolam

Over make up ruins the show LOL. I did the same thing to this kolam. I should have stopped drawing the main elements and...
Flower kolam

Red And White

This may look like a dotless kolam, but its a 7 dot count. 7x3-1 straight. Red and White, ready to fight :-) I got this...

Red And Yellow Kolam

This is 11x1 straight dot count kolam. A common kolam. This kolam has a eight petaled flower in the centre with the buds on...

Doggy Bone Kolam

A simple kolam, the design looks like four doggy bones. Dot count : Straight, 6x2-2

Triangle Kolam

Triangle based kolam with diamond shaped blocks creating a flower design within, outlined with kaavi. This kaavi has a tint of brown, but I...

7 Dots Simple Kolam || Chukkala Muggulu || Simple Rangoli

A simple dot kolam with 7x1 dot count.