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Flower Kolam-15

It's been a long time since I drew a flower kolam. Now a days I am more engrossed into sikku kolams. I hope that's...
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Margazhi Kolam – Day 23

Blue colour theme for today. Blue colour is associated with depth, rust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven, To me its peace....
muggulu, diya,rangoli, rangavallika

Kaarthigai Deepam Kolam -4

Deepam kolam with 17-1 dot count
15 dots kolam

15 dots Kolam

A 15 dots kolam with interlaced dot pattern.
Sikku kolam with flowers

Flower kolam

A 16x16 straight dot kolam with flowers and sikku strands. Actually, I was bit hesitant to upload this kolam as I felt it was...
Chukkala muggulu 11 dots line kolam

Hearts and Flowers

A small kolam with 11-1 dot pattern
7 dot kolam

Bluish Blue

This is a interlaced dot pattern kolam. I have used two shades of blue colour which I managed to pack in my bags from...
Natchathiram, Idhayam

Stars and Hearts

Drawing a line kolam is much easier than a sikku kolam. The dots are connected to form a figure which is repetitive on opposite...
diya, lamp, karthigai kolams, muggulu

Kaarthigai Deepa Kolam -4

Then celebrations at Thiruvannamalai where Lord Shiva dwells in the form of fire is an important and auspicious in the Month of Kaarthigai....
muggulu, swastika, rangavalli, rangavallika,

Margazhi Kolam – Day 25

Along with purple colour, I have added blue, pink and yellow colour to make the kolam look colourful. A 19-1 dot count kolam with...

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