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Line Kolam

19 Dots kolam w19 dots kolam with stars, tirangles, deepams

Star and Diya Kolam

A 19 dots kolam placed in interlaced pattern with stars, diyas and triangular shaped design.
7 dot kolam

Bluish Blue

This is a interlaced dot pattern kolam. I have used two shades of blue colour which I managed to pack in my bags from...
10 dots line kolam, muggulu, rangavallika

Flower Kolam-12

A small flower kolam with buds and leaves. At the first sight this kolams looks like a freehand kolam. But it was drawn with...
Muggulu, diya, kuthu vilakku, muggulu

Kaarthigai Deepam Kolam-3

Kaarthigai Deepam which falls on the 25th of October this year which comes in the month of Kaarthigai, the eight month in the Tamil...
rangoli, muggulu, pulli kolam

21 Dots Kolam –

A 21x21 kolam. This is a tweaked version of the original kolam. I tried to replicate a kolam from a book, but couldn't stick...
Muggulu natchira kolam 13 Pulli interlaced kolam

Star Kolam

A small kolam with 13-7 dot count placed in interlaced pattern. I have used the left over colours which my SIL had bought for...
Pongal kolam with 25 Dots

Pongal Special Kolam

A big kolam for Pongal festival. Dot count : 25-1 Need to redraw with rangoli powders

Heart Kolam

The heart shape and the small green colour triangle reminds me of a candy which I had when I was in primary...
tippudu chukkala muggulu 13 dots interlaced pulli kolam

Flowers and Sikku Birdies

Tried this kolam which I copied from a monthly magazine. I thought of converting the sikku kolam into birds but didn't have time (good...
mugullu, rangavalli, rangavallika

Margazhi Kolam – Day 27

I have tried using two colours for shading in an element. A dark and light shades of colour for a contrast look. Hope the kolams...