ratham Muggulu, rangoli

Chariot Kolam

Ther/Ratham Kolam drawn for Rathasapthami.A dotted Ther kolam for Ratha Saptami. The day which falls on 14th of Febuary this year marks the movement...
Pookolam with 15 Pulli kolam

Flower Kolam – 7

A 15-1 dots simple flower kolam done with chalkpiece.

Swastik Kolams – Collection of Small kolams

Swastik - A sacred symbol if Hindusium, which has four arms directed towards Clockwise direction. Most of Indian patterns and symbols do have a...
Muggulu, rangavallika, rangoli, dotless kolam

Hearts Kolam

A hearts kolam with 11x11 dot for the Valentine's season. For this year, I tried to draw heart shaped kolams right from the start...

Star Design Kolam

A simple design with 12x2-2 dot count. It took less than 10 mins to finish off as the design was too easy to...
11 Dots Chukkala Mugullu

Diamonds and Stars

A kolam with 11 dots placed in a intelaced pattern.
Natchathiram, Idhayam

Stars and Hearts

Drawing a line kolam is much easier than a sikku kolam. The dots are connected to form a figure which is repetitive on opposite...
muggulu, rangoli, rangavallika

Rama Navami Wishes

Rama Navami Wishes to everyone :-) Rama Navami, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Rama to destroy Ravana. It is believed that prayers to Rama...
mugullu, rangavalli, rangavallika

Margazhi Kolam – Day 27

I have tried using two colours for shading in an element. A dark and light shades of colour for a contrast look. Hope the kolams...

Flower Kolam

Due to space constraint, I needed to squeeze the kolam to fit into the gap at my door step. Though the other end of...

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