tippudu chukkala muggulu 13 dots interlaced pulli kolam

Flowers and Sikku Birdies

Tried this kolam which I copied from a monthly magazine. I thought of converting the sikku kolam into birds but didn't have time (good...
diya, lamp, karthigai kolams, muggulu

Kaarthigai Deepa Kolam -4

Then celebrations at Thiruvannamalai where Lord Shiva dwells in the form of fire is an important and auspicious in the Month of Kaarthigai....
5 pulli kolangal

Small Kolam

A small kolam with 5x5 dots placed in straight pattern.
Muggulu interlaced 7-4 dot

Small kolam-2

A small and simple kolam with 7-4 interlaced dots kolam. This is from my kolam note book. I didn't mention the source of this...
Butterflies in sikku

Butterfly Kolam -1

This is 13x13 straight dot count kolam. Four coloured butterflies within the sikku strands. I haven't done much detailing work as If felt this...
muggulu, diya,rangoli, rangavallika

Kaarthigai Deepam Kolam -4

Deepam kolam with 17-1 dot count
ratham Muggulu, rangoli

Chariot Kolam

Ther/Ratham Kolam drawn for Rathasapthami.A dotted Ther kolam for Ratha Saptami. The day which falls on 14th of Febuary this year marks the movement...
Chukkala muggulu dots kolam

Stars Kolam

A fusion of chikku and line type kolam. I liked the design for its bordering sikku strands :-) Dot count :14x14
mugullu, rangavalli, rangavallika

Margazhi Kolam – Day 27

I have tried using two colours for shading in an element. A dark and light shades of colour for a contrast look. Hope the kolams...
Pookolam with 15 Pulli kolam

Flower Kolam – 7

A 15-1 dots simple flower kolam done with chalkpiece.

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