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Happy Deepavalli

Happy Deepavalli to Friends visiting my site :-)
diya, muggulu, rangavallika, small kolam

Kaarthigai Deepa Kolam-1

A small deepam kolam with 7x7 grid pattern dots.
Muggulu interlaced 7-4 dot

Small kolam-2

A small and simple kolam with 7-4 interlaced dots kolam. This is from my kolam note book. I didn't mention the source of this...
Muggulu, small kolam, simple, rangavalli

Flower Kolam-15

It's been a long time since I drew a flower kolam. Now a days I am more engrossed into sikku kolams. I hope that's...
muggulu, rangoli, rangavallika

Rama Navami Wishes

Rama Navami Wishes to everyone :-) Rama Navami, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Rama to destroy Ravana. It is believed that prayers to Rama...
12 dots line kolam Chukkala muggulu

Sivalingam Kolam

A Shivalingam kolam with 12x2-2 dot count .
Chukkala muggulu 11 dots line kolam

Hearts and Flowers

A small kolam with 11-1 dot pattern
Sangu counch kolam 19 Dot kolam

Sangu Kolam

Another creation from my "vacation kolam collection", copied from my mother's old note book. This is a 19-11 dot interlaced pattern with a celtic...
Muggulu rangavalli rangavallika dotless kolam

Aadi Kolam

Aadi Masam - The fourth month in Tamil calender "Month of Goddess" . The month of Aadi is considered very auspicious to connect...
10 dots line kolam, muggulu, rangavallika

Flower Kolam-12

A small flower kolam with buds and leaves. At the first sight this kolams looks like a freehand kolam. But it was drawn with...

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