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Click for video link https://youtu.be/1P6jeon5xsM "வாருங்கள் தேரை இழுப்போம்" Come lets pull the Chariot, that's how we #kolamenthusiasts invite others to draw kolams on Ratha Saptami and this year...

Pongal Kolam || 11 Dots Pongal pot kolam

https://youtu.be/pi1T8bijH9A Click the above for video of this kolam

Pongal kolam || pongal Pot Kolam || 11 dots fusion kolam

11x11 dota Kolam https://youtu.be/pk5w8uqid0I Video of this kolam given in the above link
karthigai, vilakku kolam, lamps, diya, karthigai month, kaarthigai, maha deepam, thiruvannamalai, margazhi kolam

15-8 Dots Sikku Kolam || Karthigai Kolam || Vilakku kolam

Dot count  : 15-8 At times we concoct our own surprises !!! Well, that very instance happed with this kolam 😅 A six petalled flower is the...
karthigai, vilakku kolam, lamps, diya, karthigai month, kaarthigai, maha deepam, thiruvannamalai

15-8 Interlaced Dots Kolam || Karthigai Kolam || Pinwheel kolam

  Pinwheel Kolam A 15 dots kolam placed in interlaced pattern for @kolamenthusiasts #kaarthigaicelebration . The theme being காத்தாடி, I didn't plump for the traditional square based pinwheel...
margazhi, big kolams, sikku kolam, neli kolam, big kolams

15 Dots Flower Kolam || Aadi Masam Kolam || Muggulu

Aadi Month starts in mid of July and ends in mid of August spawning for 31 days in this 2021. Aadi month is spiritually ...
Tamil new year kolam, Ugadhi mugullu

15-8 dots Flower Kolam || Poo Kolam || Muggulu

My New Year wishes to you all. May this day be a start for a placid life and the souls be inundated with positive vibes...
pongal kolam, muggulu, new design

25 Dots Pongal Pot Kolam

MAKARASANKRANTHI😊 The festival enkindles my childhood memories which bring in both jocundness and wistfulness.My early life allies with a...
muggulu, margazhi kolam, big kolam, sikku kolam, chikku kolam, neli kolam, design kolam

17 Dots Lotus Kolam Margazhi Kolam Dhanurmasa Muggulu

  A 17 dots kolam with lotus flowers. Dot count : The dot count starts from the centre column 17-17x3-1-15-13-11-9-7 Place the dots as shown 2. To start...