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8 Dots Swasthik Kolam, Swasthika Muggulu, Rangoli

A 8x8 dot Swasthik kolam. A simple kolam which can be done in a jiffy and can be enhanced by addition of colours. The...
hearts, muggulu,

Hearts Kolam, Purple Muggulu, 19 dots

A 19 dots kolam with heart shapes. I have used purple shades to colour this kolam.

15 Dots Flower and Heart Kolam

A 15x15 dots kolam with hearts. I made modifications to an old kolam in my collection. This kolam can be drawn with colours as...
15 dots kolam

15 dots Kolam

A 15 dots kolam with interlaced dot pattern.

Collection of 8 Dots Small Kolam, Muggulu, Rangoli – Daily Kolams

Collection of small kolams with 8 dots. Simple and easy kolams with daily kolam tag. Kolam No.1 1. The dot pattern. Its 8 dot count in...
lotus, kamal, kamala padam, muggulu

Lotus Kolam

This is a lotus kolam with an unique design. I like the design and tried to replicate the book version to some extend :-)...

8 Dots Kolam – Collection of Small Kolams

Collection of 8 dots kolam done on different days. These kolams are from a kolam book, which I tried to replicate and as always...

Swastik Kolams – Collection of Small kolams

Swastik - A sacred symbol if Hindusium, which has four arms directed towards Clockwise direction. Most of Indian patterns and symbols do have a...

20 Dots Flower Kolam

This is a 20 dots kolam with a pattern as follows 20 dots in 12 columns and reduced to 12 dots on either side....
rangoli, muggulu, pulli kolam

21 Dots Big Kolam || Margazhi Kolam || Chukkala Muggulu || Rangoli

A 21x21 kolam. This is a tweaked version of the original kolam. I tried to replicate a kolam from a book, but couldn't stick...