Diya Deepam Deepa Lamps

Deepa Kolam

I enjoyed this year vacation by drawing kolams in the mornings. This kolam was done at my inlaw's home. As there were no...
chikku kolam muggulu rangavallika rangavalli

Sikku kolam -75

A small sikku kolam with 13 dots with rectangle strands recreating the design.
Chukkala Swastik muggulu

Swastik Kolam -3

A small swastik kolam with 8x2-2 dots placed in straight pattern.
diya, muggulu, rangavallika, small kolam

Kaarthigai Deepa Kolam-1

A small deepam kolam with 7x7 grid pattern dots.
muggulu chikku kolam dot kolam pulli

Sikku Kolam – 76

A small chikku kolam with 7x7 dots.
15 Pulli kolam

Sikku Kolam -28

This kolam has a single line running through the dots. This may look bit complicated, but if practiced on paper for twice or thrice,...
Tippudu muggulu

Sikku kolam – 63

I did this sikku kolam today with 8x2-2 dot count. Before and After Makeup :-)

Sikku Kolam – 158- 17 Dots Kolam

A 17 dots sikku kolam which was done last September. Somehow it had gone unknown :-) Finally got on to the display. Actually the...
Sikku kolam, pulli kolam, small kolam,

Sikku kolam -2

I like this sikku kolam a lot for its simplicity of its design. Though it seems to be complicated, it is formed with individual...
Small kolam, pongal kolam, Muggulu, rangavallika, dot kolam

Colour Kolam

I did this on a Pongal Day. A small kolam as I didn't time to draw a big kolam. Dot count : 7-4...

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