Braha Mudi Kolam || Brahma Mudichi || The Eternal Knot Muggulu || Single strand / line Rangoli

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“Brahma Mudi – The Eternal Knot “

Please wait for step by step images.

This kolam emphasizes that “We start and end with him”
The line starts its fare at a point and reaches the same destination in Brahma Mudi Kolam.
We too start and reach Him after a Gluckliche Reise or shlep depending on the karmic debt.
During our span, we may get tangled and left aloof just like a single suzhi OR have a greater life looping the best dots for tranquilly OR yield to the maximal making the best with the given matrix.. .
Created a 31 dots sikku kolam, the first single line kolam in my treasury 😊😇😇 Beachhead !!!!
Could you guess the size of the kolam !!!! 2′-3″ !!!! So the dots are spaced at 0.9″/2.3cm !!! 😉😉 .


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