8 Dots Swasthik Kolam, Swasthika Muggulu, Rangoli


A 8×8 dot Swasthik kolam. A simple kolam which can be done in a jiffy and can be enhanced by addition of colours. The dot pattern is given below for an easy understanding.

Step  by Step photos are added below and you may follow the pattern to draw this kolam. I have a video of making this in Youtube, you may have https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91X8u2Z7zHQ follow this link


  Step 1                                                                                         Start with cross lines at the centre of the kolam. Mark the centre set of dots. That should be in the fourth and fifth rows. To form a swasthik two cross lines form the basic for the shape.


 Step 2                                                                                         Draw a square shape at the corner with 2×2 dots. Then extend the line with the adjacent dot. Now join the square and the line with a curve and that design is complete. Downwards draw boat shaped shape while the top gets a curvy top. These two shapes get repeated on all sides.

  Step 3                                                                                         Draw a square shape enclosing the Swathik by joining the dots around it.  Then complete the design by drawing shapes as shown in step2. For enhancement give detailing to the shapes. I have added a lotus flower in the boat shape element and lines in the corner design.


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