8 Dots Simple Sikku Kolam || Mellika Muggulu || Rangoli

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A small 8 dots sikku kolam which is formed by basic 4 dots sikku kolam interlocked by star elements.
The video of this kolam is given in the link. CLICK HERE
1. The dot pattern is shown below. Extra dots have to placed on the sides and has been highlighted in yellow colour.
The dot count is as follows 2-4-6-8-8-6-4-2, plus the extra two dots on sides.

2. Draw four lines as shown.

3. This is the first loop. Form the loop as shown.

4. The same loop formation is formed from other end which forms a basic 4 dots sikku kolam on corners. Repeat the same loop on other sides.

5. Repeat the same design and complete the kolam with extensions.


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