7 Dots, 9 Dots, 11 Dots, 13 Dots Sikku Kolam

7 dots kambi kolam, 11 dots pulli kolangal, 13 dots neli kolam,

Some kolams are etched deep into my memory and always on call to rescue me when I am switched over to sombre mood 🙂
Maybe my mother drew these designs frequently or the design grasped me 😀
I have drawn four kolams which share the same basic strand with different dot count forming the base of the kolam.
Video of making this kolam can be viewed in this YouTube link

The Basic Strand

Mostly sikku kolams do have a basic strand which forms the base design irrespective of the dot count. And one such among is the below design. There are many kolam designs with this as the base design though I have chose only four this time. Will try to compile the kolams with the basic design as the base and post it here.

neli kolam, kambi kolam, pulli kolangal

7 Dots Sikku Kolam

In this kolam, the  base design is little modified with an extra loop, though the design remains the same. The simple and easy 7 dots kolam which has the base design as a mirrored image in x axis with an extra strand running horizontal in the kolam. An ideal kolam to draw in the evening.

9 Dots Sikku Kolam

The same strand in 9 dots arrangement. Here the design replicates into 4 and drawn on all sides leaving the extra dots on sides which are looped together by a single strand.

You may add extra designs around and add kaavi or colours to enhance the look of the kolam.

11 Dots Kolam

Again the design is drawn on four sides. Now another single strand design fills above to the base design, the square which looks like an Onion bulb along with a loop 🙂 These bulbs fill in and above to it a single strand looping around the extra dots completes the design.

13 Dots Sikku Kolam

The same procedure as the above kolams, the base design taking over the edges while a single strand runs at the centre connecting the bulb and the centre of the kolam with other sides.

7 dots kambi kolam, 11 dots pulli kolangal, 13 dots neli kolam,



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