4 Dots Small Sikku Kolam Collection, Apartment Kolams, Melika Muggulu

In this post, I have compiled two sikku kolams with 4 dot count. Apt kolams for beginner level viewers and apartment dwellers. This kolam can be draw as a daily kolam or in the evening too.

1. The first Kolam


Step 1                                                                                     First form a 4×4 dot matrix. Now start the line from 3 dot from bottom left and extend horizontally on the -y axis which goes till the opposite dot. Now move across on the top dot forming a triangle and moving across down with a straight line.


Step 2                                                                                                Now triangles are formed on sides and a square at the centre. Now join the line, This single line traverses to form the main strand.



Step 3                                                                                Form a pointed oval shape joining the diagonally joining the outer corner dots.



Step 3                                                                                    Repeat the pointed oval on the other and complete the kolam. A simple kolam with just 6 lines. No confusion of forming loops, its the basic shapes which gets together to form a design. I have added a border line and paisleys for enhancement.

Kolam No.2

The next kolam with 4×4 dot count. This kolam has 2 lines running through the kolam forming loops in around the dots. A easy kolam to draw and simple to remember.
 Step 1                                                                                    Place 4×4 dots and start the line from left lower bottom dot. And form two loops and twist towards the centre.



Step 2                                                                                    Extend line to the top right corner and form loops as shown in the image.



Step 3                                                                                    The first line design. This is the single line which forms the half of the kolam design. The other line is just the mirror image of this line.


Step 4                                                                                    The finishing line. The two lines together form a loop at the centre.



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