31 Dots Sikku Kolam, Sikku kolam-165


A 31 dots sikku kolam in Maha Karthigai Deepam series.
This kolam gets tagged into “My Own Sikku Creation” . I love to doodle around the dots and twist the lines as per my imagination and I have succeeded to some extend. To start with I had placed 21 dots and started to place the four dots kolam in place and adjusted the dot count which made me to increase the count in the adjacent columns of the main column.
The dot count is as follows for the centre main kolam . It’s 1-13×3-19×6-21-19×6-13×3-1.
The above dot count should be read as the dot starts from one from Left Hand side, then 13 dots into 3 columns, then 6 times 19, then a single column of 21 and the Right Hand Side dot count gets mirrored.
It took a while for me to rearrange the dot count and finally finished the centre kolam. I wanted to add some matching border, then added some dots surrounding the kolam and connected to the main kolam. So the final dot count adds up to 31.

I felt the corner looked empty and added a solitary Paisley. Finally placed diyas for the Karthigai Deepam.
I am yet to get accustomed to the new floor. Having starting hiccups, hopefully I get familiarized in the coming days.


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