Flower Kolam -18

chukkala leni muggulu, rangoli, white rangoli, rangavalli
Simple Kolam :-)

A small and simple freehand flower kolam done in white only πŸ™‚
I didn’t have time to think about colouring as that part consumes lot of time to finish. I need to rethink about the colour combination, then the shades and shading work. When someone asks me how much time do you spend on a kolam, I used to give a vague answer in my earlier days. Now, I intuit about the work involved in a kolam and the time it takes to reach the final line. I take a look at the clock the start and the end, ofcourse now and then. I need to have an eye on the time as I have very little time to execute my interest. Hopefully next year, I may have more time as my Little Princess has grown up and moving on to her next phase of schooling πŸ™‚ . I may get at the least 4 hours of my time. Not sure if I take up any volunteering service next year, Still, I will manage to juggle my time πŸ™‚

If its a small kolam maybe 10 mins should be the maximum time I take, I meant without colours. If I use colours, then it may take another 30 mins to finish off. Freehand kolams aren’t rehearsed before hand as I execute on the floor directly, even people around me gossip behind me that I brag about myself. Hopefully they gauge others by their own scale LOL. At times when I like to work on a design, I do draw a sketch on a piece of paper to have an idea about the design, but that doesn’t get imprinted as the outcome looks different to the original. If you want to have a look of it changes rangoli Though the basic design remains the same, but they don’t look alike πŸ™‚ The same happens and that’s the reason I don’t to choreograph my freehand designs and let it take the freestyle genre.

Yesterday again my Little Princess and her dad were out for an evening walk and I took out my treasure box to hunt a new design on my canvas, ie table-my drawing base πŸ™‚

The difficult part in drawing the freehand kolam is the base design, which takes some time to start. I feel that the base design are limited editions in my memory, as I need to scratch too hard to get fixed with a basic design.
The simple and normal design is this six petal flower, which is small dotted kolam too :-). 3 dots with 2 dots on either side placed in interlaced pattern. Then extended the petals with another layer of petal. I didn’t think about swirls so went on to join the edges with curves. Then tried to maintain the curve pattern in the design.
Minarets at the rescue for the next layer. I filled with wavy lines instead straight lines. Then a triangular shape at the tip of the minarets to give a final touch to the kolam. This time it was straight lines which filled the space. After finishing, I felt to continue, but the clock was ticking and I needed to wrap up everything.

chukkala leni muggulu, rangoli, white rangoli, rangavalli
Simple Kolam πŸ™‚


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