Welcome Aadi

pookolam, muggulu, rangavallika
Flowers :-)

Today is the first day of Aadi Month, fourth in Tamil Calender. This year the first day falls on Friday, more auspicious day.

The day dawns with L.R.Eswari’s voice singing the praise of Amman in nearby temples. An invigorating voice to start the day, missing her voice 🙁
Kolams are drawn on all days during this month. Tuesdays and Fridays are considered auspicious and kolams are decorated either with kaavi or colours on these days.

To welcome the month, I have drawn a small flower kolam. I have used colours to make it look grand 🙂
During last month’s stay at my parents home, I drew kolams on the floor and got used up to draw big kolams. Drawing on the floor gives an immense pleasure to me, No need to squeeze the strokes or the design. When I cross a big front yard, immediately my mind starts to calculate the maximum number of dots can be placed or with how many layers a freehand kolam can be drawn.

Drawing indoors gives me a suffocating feeling as I need to squeeze and mind about the size… Drawing indoor kolam has its own advantages.. I can draw whenever I am free irrespective of time. A good meditation 🙂

pookolam, muggulu, rangavallika
Flowers 🙂

Place 9 dots in coloumn. Then in the second column, place the dot in between the two dots of the first column leaving the first dot on the top and bottom. Now the dot count reduces to 8, place the dots as said till 5 dots.
Draw cross lines with three lines at the edges, then draw the petal shapes. Six flowers plus a centre flower totals to seven. With extra dots I formed a oval shaped hexagonal element. Now the the colouring part, I have used green, blue and yellow shades. A lighter shade in the centre and darker on the outer for a contrast look.

The 4th picture shows a closer look of the bindhi, My next step in photography 🙂

muggulu, rangoli, rangavallika
Step by Step 🙂


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