Ugadhi Muggulu – The Making :-)

muggulu, rangoli
Birdies :-)

Here is the making of the “Ugadi Tippudu Muggulu”..

The first step is placing of dots. Place 7 dots three times followed by 5 and 3 on either sides.

The Base
The Base

Now draw triangles with the shown coordinates (1,1) (2,1) (2,2). Always have the bottom centre dot (0,0) as the reference point . Now form triangles on four sides. After drawing the triangles form a “I” section shape as seen in the picture 2. Now draw the same “I” section shape on the opposite side. The last strand is forming a dome shape at the bottom and looping around the left over dots. That’s it..

small kolams
The Process 🙂

Then add some extensions around the main kolam and filled pink and purple colours in it. I have used only two colours as mutlicolour for a small kolam would make the sikku kolam look clumsy.

Birdies :-)
Birdies 🙂

I had time to extend more and did the outer layer. Hope it looks nice 🙂

Beautification :-)
Beautification 🙂



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