Sikku Kolam – 151


Video link of this kolam can be viewed in this link

A 23 dots kolam. This has a base design of 5 dots sikku kolam, which is my creation too. I have used my kolam as the base design and extended to a 23 dots kolam. An easy kolam to draw.
The dot pattern is given below for an easy understanding.
1. The first step – The four ends are joined with a bulb/onion shapes and 4 dots sikku kolam. This is the first strand.
2. The next strand is the small single strand forming loop around the bulb shape at the ends. They make a “V” shape knot to create the design. Create the same design on other sides. That completes the centre column and middle row design. Now the remaining dots has be joined to form the kolam.
3. Now fix the dot for the next strand.Now fix the bottom most dot as (0,0), trace the dot at (4,7) and place extra kolapodi on that specific dot. Draw cross lines around the dot as that is going to be the centre point of the side deisgn. A 3 dots kolam is drawn around that dot and it is joined to the main kolam.
4. The simple 3 dots kolam forms a chain to link with the outer dots.
5. The finished strand of the side design.
The full view of the kolam.


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