Sikku Kolam – 147

tippudu muggulu, rangoli, rangavalli, chikku Kolam
Hearts :-)

This is a 15-1 dot straight pattern kolam. A simple and easy kolam to draw. I like this kolam for its simple sikku strand running through, no tangles, a single line though. This Kolam has 5 dots kolam as the the base and drawn on four sides interconnected with a single sikku strand and the extra dots are filled with hearts enclosed in protective capsules 🙂 An earlier version of this kolam is done in chalk piece which is in this link. It was done in 2013 🙂

This kolam can be done in different designs keeping the concept as the same. Change the sikku design and instead of hearts you can fit any other shapes right from squares to lights/diyas to add charm to the kolam. It depends on the individual’s preference to include the shapes in the left out dots. I usually land on diyas or heart shapes, but at times divert to other elements too.. When I draw sikku kolam, I do some homework as sikku kolam needs a rehearsal before drawing on floor. The first part is the symmetry should be maintained to form a design and I draw a rough sketch and redraw to get confident before drawing the design on floor.
Similar type of kolam with higher dot count is in this Diya Kolam link.

The concept being the same except the dot count and the elements differ. In the above link I have done in white rangoli powder adding diyas as the enhancement elements in the kolam. You can decrease the dot count to try various permutation and combination in this pattern. Hope you will enjoy creating own sikku kolams as I do 🙂
The simplest way is start from 11 dots keeping a small sikku kolam as the base design and keep in extending 🙂
Hope to hear from you all soon 🙂

tippudu muggulu, rangoli, rangavalli, chikku Kolam
Hearts 🙂



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