Deepavalli Kolam -2

diwali rangoli, muggulu, rangavalli
Light everywhere :-)

May the festival of lights brighten your life with wealth and prosperity and happiness.

Deepavalli/Diwali Kolam for this year with lamps to symbolise that the good took over the evil and thus brightening the world with light. Deepavalli is a festival to foster that the good always overpowers the evil.
It is a mythogical story where Nagarasura,a malevolent demon, tortured common people and they prayed to lord Krishna to defeat him. It is believed that on this very day Lord Krishna defeated him, As per Nagarasura last wish, this day is celebrated with lights.
In certain parts of India, its celebrated the day on which Lord Rama and Sita returned from their 14 years exile from the country. And to welcome them, the night is illuminated with crackers and sparklers.

diwali rangoli, muggulu, rangavalli
Light everywhere 🙂

This is a 27-1 dots kolam, My own creation 🙂 I wanted to create kolam with lamps for Deepavalli and tried my level best to create with lamps in different size and shapes. I was successful by bringing out out the lamps in my kolam by adding extra elements for a better presentation. These are fresh colours which were brought from India for this season. Hope it looks bright and fresh.. Happy Deepavalli once again 🙂


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