Collection of 7 Dots Kolam – Beginner, Apartment Kolams

7 dots kolam, small kolams, collection, muggulu, rangoli, rangavallika

Another set of 7 dots kolam, a continuation of my previous post. These are beginner level kolams which can be draw with ease. These can be categorised as daily kolams as these take less time to draw at the door step. If you have space constraint then these kolams are perfect size to draw.

Dot Pattern

The dot pattern for the following kolams is given below. The centre column has 7 dots, the next row with 5 dots leaving two dots on both sides and decreased to 1. The dot count is as 1-3-5-7-5-3-1
You may download the dot pattern image for practice.

>7 dots kolam, small kolam, daily kolams

Kolam No.1

This is a single line kolam where a single line traverse throughout the kolam and forms a design in symmetry.
Straight line traversing up and down twisting around the corner dots, which may look tangle but an easy kolam to draw. I have extended by outlining with swirls and spikes around.
chikku kolam, neli kolam

Kolam No.2

The bottom four dot loops do have resemblance to a common 7 dots kolam, only the centre design gets tweaked. Again a single line kolam, the start point and end point is the same. So take any point as a reference point and start drawing the design, as it follows a bilateral symmetry, it will be easy to remember a part of design and the next is just the mirror image.

sikku kolam

Kolam No.3

I like this design a lot as it has many individual strands making it easy for and effortless drawing. Three strands create this design. The outer, the centre bulb shape and the tangles on the sides. Start drawing from the outermost strand, then the centre and last the side strand. I have tried to enhance with extensions. You may add your imagination along with colours.

Kolam No.4

A single line kolam, the line starts and finishes at the same point. Start the design from the bottom most line and follow the design on one side and that design is replicated on other sides. Add extra elements to make it grand.

Kolam No.5

This is three line kolam. This is a smaller version of 13 dots kolam where the bottom strand gets into an extension in the 13 dot kolam. This is bilateral symmetry kolam, where this has a rotational symmetry of two. The bottom gets mirrored on the other side.
small kolams

Kolam No.6

This kolam has an intresting story behind this 🙂 I saw this kolam on a street while I was making my way through that road. I was attracted to a new design and I couldn’t make it in to my memory, so looked for a piece of paper, All I had a receipt, so just copied one portion of the kolam while taking note on the dot count and recreated after returning home… I have done a maakolam version
sikku kolam, neli kolam, chikku kolam, small kolam, pulli kolangal

Here comes the collage of the above kolams
7 dots kolam, small kolams, collection, muggulu, rangoli, rangavallika


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