Aadi Velli Kolam

tippudu muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli
Sikku - 110

Today is the second Friday of Aadi, an auspicious day. Normally yellow colour is associated with month Aadi as the whole month is devoted to Amman. Yellow – the colour of Goddess. Prayers and poojas are offered to Amman on this day. Koozh – millet porridge is offered to Amman and distributed to devotees visiting Amman temples.
Red, Yellow and Green are the cultural colours of India signifying the prosperity, opulence and fertility. Three colours are seen in this month. Red – vermilion, Yellow – turmeric decoration on Amman, Green – neem leaves.

In Tamilnadu, in the month of Aadi and Margazhi weddings, house shifting/warming or any other functions are not celebrated as it is considered inauspicious, but these two months are solely devoted to offer prayers and connect oneself to the Divine power. During this month, it’s the seasonal change in the South, where the heat of summer is quenched by monsoon rains. The water level in the river starts to overflow. Due to the climate change, outbreak of flu and disease is quite normal and for this reason the Koozh is prepared and consumed, a stamina and immunity booster.

Sikku kolam numbered 110 🙂 I drew this sikku kolam for Aadi velli, I have used green and yellow to decorate, missed red 🙂
A 11 dot kolam, but had a 9 dot kolam in mind, without noticing I started drawing the bottom single strand after drawing on all sides noticed the blunder I did 😀 No other go, filled the inner dots with extra sikku strands. Formed on my own imagination.

tippudu muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli
Sikku – 110

Below is step by step procedure of above kolam. In the picture 1, place the dots as shown, 11 dots in the centre column and decrease a number on top and both on either side of the main column, on the whole two dots are reduced in the count. The second picture shows the basic sikku strand which is replicated on four sides, where the line starts from (0,0) to (2,2) on right and (-2,-2) on left and joined after a wavy line junction. In the third pictures its the connection of all dots with the other sides, the fourth – extensions of the border, I have added paisleys and coloured.

tippudu muggulu, rangavalli
The Steps 🙂


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